27 August, 2021

Rent Plants for Events Girona

Rent natural plants for events Decorating with our Natural plant hire in Girona is a great opportunity to bring a degree of warmth to corporate events. Creating a custom branding…

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26 June, 2020

Customized Funeral Organization

Mourning a loved one is already difficult to bear, but suffering the death of a family member from the coronavirus (COVID19) is even more complicated. FLORAL ARRANGEMENT AND DECORATION FOR…

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2 April, 2020

Summer Weddings: All the Tips

Steps for Organizing a Summer Wedding: Weddings are different according to the season, because the climate helps me to determine the space, whether inside or outside, the wedding dress, the…

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6 February, 2020

Floral Arrangements for church weddings

How to decorate a church for your wedding? Churches differ a lot in style, this is the first concept to understand, because not all styles of floral decoration will fit…

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7 January, 2020

How to decorate an event like the Mobile World Congress

We are working with the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2020, and we have a lot of work to do in decorating this great event. An event of these dimensions has…

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Wedding decor

29 July, 2019

How to organize your wedding?

[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””] You get married and you don’t even know where to start? Here I am to help you, to give you a guide so that you do not…

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13 November, 2016

Wedding decoration in Bell Recó

This wedding is really nice , the venue is Bell Recó, really nice and near Barcelona:-) All the decoration for the wedding it was full of candles, white flowers and…

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