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Wedding Florist in Barcelona

Experts in bridal bouquets and decoration for weddings and events

Judith Jordà is an expert florist in decorations and floral arrangements for weddings and events with extensive experience, her high level of demand is transmitted in the result. The space, the clients, the colours, the variety of flowers, the materials are just some of the factors she will take into account to achieve the extraordinary effect.


The floral arrangements you’ve always wanted

You get married and you don’t know what style you like? There is currently a bombardment of wedding styles on the Internet, but perhaps you feel overwhelmed by so much information. Don’t worry, we are here to help you: we want your wedding to be original, perfect, appropriate to the space and, most importantly, we want to help you find your own style. Together we will design your wedding.

Are you preparing a corporate event and don’t have a defined style of decoration? Don’t worry, we will find you some themed floral arrangements for your event, centerpieces with corporate colors, personalized floral decoration style and many more ideas that we will give you to make your event unique.

A great variety of decoration styles can be made, as many as there are clients. Each client is unique and we customize it so that the result is also unique.

Wedding Florist

Not only do we do the floral decoration, but we are wedding and event decorators. Do you need tables, vases, pedestals, etc.? We will stir heaven and earth to find all the material and I assure you that we get it.

In our workshop we have a lot of material, as we are constantly renewing and restoring it to achieve that result. Yes, that result that combined with those flowers and that green is just the perfect for your wedding and / or event.

Floral Decorations in Barcelona

Our workshop is located in Vilassar de Mar, right next to the Flower Market, and we are surrounded by flower producers and flower wholesalers. We have easy access via the Netherlands and in one day we can have flowers coming from there.

We work all over Catalonia, mainly Barcelona and surroundings, although we also do many weddings and events in Girona and other provinces; there is no problem in more distant locations.

Do you need us to see the space together? That’s what we want: that we go together to look at it, that you tell us your priorities and your concerns. We don’t want to impose a style on you, we want to offer you a series of ideas, according to your criteria, and that you can choose between different options. You will see that we succeed and with a great result.