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Centerpieces for corporate events

Centerpieces for events

When designing the decoration of a Corporate Event, one of the most important decorations are the Centerpieces.

The centerpieces can be high or low, the centerpiece for high events should be a minimum of 70cm high so that it does not disturb the guests and they can see and talk well with each other.

High centerpieces have a WOW effect when we enter the room, but once seated we need a little touch of flowers or other elements to have a perfect decoration.

On the other hand, low centerpieces should not be underestimated, as they can also be spectacular. As long as they are in harmony with the rest of the event.

We will also have to consider the size of the centerpiece with respect to the table, in some events we have really big tables with plenty of free space, then we can make a larger decoration, but it should always be with a proportionate size.

Flower Centerpieces for Events

The flowers we use in the centerpieces of the Event must be in tune with the rest, either by the theme of the Event, or by the brand of the corporate company.

There is a great variety of flowers that we can use to show off a spectacular result, we will be guided by the effect we want to give to the result.

The smell of the flowers in the centerpiece should not be too strong, as it is really uncomfortable to dine with a strong smell on the table.

Although the flowers are not all available throughout the year, we can find varieties that resemble the one we want, it is about having a centerpiece with a visual aspect that is satisfactory.

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Centerpieces for congresses

The small details are of great importance and in a corporate event can not be less. The corporate brand and the theme of the event is the one that will mark the style we want to give to the centerpiece.

The time of the event will also have a great influence on the choice of certain elements of the centerpiece.

If the event is held at night it is almost essential to incorporate candles or some kind of light on the table. It is also important the tonality of the light, we can choose between cold and warm. Although it is important not to mix them in the event.

The lights of the candles incorporated in the table at different heights create great quality and movement on the table.

When choosing all the elements of the centerpiece, the color of the tablecloth will be considered, as well as the fabric of the tablecloth. We cannot take too much care of the flower centerpiece and neglect the rest of the table. I believe that everything should be linked.

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Centerpieces help us to reinforce the theme and brand of the event. It is an essential decorative complement.

The lighting of the space is also a factor to consider when creating the centerpieces. We can incorporate candles in them, which with their warm light will help us to create the desired atmosphere.

The candles can be presented in small format protected with a glass container or combined with candelabras, they will help to give movement to the centerpiece.

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