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Centerpieces for corporate events


Discover our unique work for your singular event destination

Centerpieces for corporate events

Discover our unique work for your event

Centerpieces for events and companies

Discover what makes us special, what sets us apart from the rest. For business lunches and dinners, a decoration in accordance with the event and space will be fundamental. Decorations with flowers, candles, vases and candlesticks are some options for the event to have a spectacular result.

The image of the corporate events is very important and we know it perfectly, so we are going to look for a perfect style that fits with your company, the colors of the logo, the design of the company, the theme of the event, are only some of the factors that we are going to take into account to offer you some exquisite centerpieces in your event. We will propose you several ideas and if they do not fit you, we will look for more because what we like the most are the challenges and to make our clients happy is our main challenge.

Centerpieces for events, corporate or otherwise, require not only flowers, but the complements that accompany the centerpieces are also very important, such as containers, glass vases or other material, size of the containers, high, low and also the accompaniment of centerpieces for events with candles.

We never impose styles, we simply ask you how the space is, the schedule is also a factor to take into account, since a meal is not the same as a dinner. Dinners always require more light, accompanying the centerpieces with candles or other types of lighting.

We always take into account that the centerpiece for an event is an accompaniment, it can not be an element that disturbs the guests, that is why the height is a factor to take into account, the centerpieces must be low or very high, the maximum height to be low will be 30cm and the minimum height to consider them high will be 70cm.

We have extensive experience in the sector and we know what we are doing, which is why we always have satisfied customers.