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Styling corporate event

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We have a complete service for decoration of company events, with rental of plants and / or floral arrangements and thus give an impeccable image of the company.

Event Decoration Service for Companies

We know that your company is unique, so we will make a special design, unique and appropriate to the event and image of the company. The type of flowers, the color, the design of the work can transmit many different sensations, for this reason we will evaluate the destiny of the event and we will advise you for an extraordinary result. We have a wide range of material with different textures, colors and components, we are continually renewing our material to adapt to the styles of events.

The great variety of flowers that we can offer you together with the exclusive designs and the variety of materials, will not leave any of the attendees indifferent. We do not like to impose style, we want to offer you ideas according to the style of your event, for it we will need that you give us information of the space, if it is of day or of nights and some other information that we will ask you.

The Best Setting for Events

We can offer you many varieties of flowers and colors, we have national and also international suppliers to offer you a personalized service and find the most suitable flowers and varieties to decorate events. We also have ample material so that the floral decoration of the event has character and is exclusive, mixing textures, colors and styles extraordinary results can be obtained that will not leave indifferent to any of your guests.

The illumination of the event is another very important factor that is not always taken into account, but for this we are here to advise you and examine all the points. Lighting with candles for warmer decorations or we also have LED light for other types of environments.

The decorations for events are currently very personalized, each event is unique and we will help you choose the flowers and material so that the decoration of the event does not leave anyone indifferent.

A decoration with its own style makes a difference and reflects a company with its own character. We can offer many ideas in terms of style, always appropriate to the type of event. The space of the event, whether it is day or night, the type of event and the company that organizes it are some factors that will facilitate us to provide you with original and exclusive ideas for the decoration of the event.

Design and Decoration of Outdoor Events

Are you interested in decorating an outdoor event? In Judith Jordà we are specialists in Decoration of events, we have the most current material to decorate your event, we capture to perfection what you want to convey. We work the ambience, lighting and above all the floral decoration that your event requires to be the perfect image you want to show your guests.

Design of Weddings and Events in Locals

In Judith Jordà we design your event to perfection, we do not work in a monotonous or basic way, but we work and pamper the project to meet one hundred percent of the needs of our customers, we know that each event has a unique image and reason to convey. Do you want an event design in a local? Celebrate your event in the place you want, with our event decoration services you will see that your dreams can come true.

We like challenges and demanding clients, if you are looking for a floral decoration for a spectacular event you are in the right place.

We do not want to impose a style, what we offer are many ideas according to the style you need, if you do not fit we will look for others and if not mix styles of various ideas, until we come to the perfect idea for you.

Trust us, we will not leave you indifferent.