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Wedding Planner Services in Barcelona

Wedding planner in Barcelona

If you want to enjoy your wedding, there is nothing better than enjoying it from this moment on. The organization of your wedding will be a carefree journey, basically you have to dream and see your come true.

Barcelona is nice place for your wedding, you have a nice weather and beautiful venues in front of the sea, or in the middle of the city.

Wedding planner

Choose the best Agency wedding planner Barcelona

We are not a typical wedding planning agency in Barcelona. You have to understand the concept of what we do, because we design totally personalized weddings, we are not dedicated to take the most typical places and add decoration, this is not our job.

Wedding planner Barcelona

We go further, we focus on you and from here we develop the whole wedding.
If you want a typical wedding and copied from others through Pinterest or other social networks, then do not call us, we are not your agency.

Wedding Designer Barcelona

To live a unique experience is our goal, there are thousands of Wedding Planners in Barcelona, but first you must ask yourself what experience you want to live in your wedding? Do you want something different, unique, personalized and with an exquisite decoration? Then you are in the right place.

I like to work side by side with my clients, without bothering them, just helping them to develop a special and personalized wedding.

How does our Wedding Planner in Barcelona service work?

We offer various services, according to your needs:

Full Service Wedding Planner in Barcelona: You wish getting married in Barcelona and have a date, but nothing else and you have no idea where to start. This is your option; we will look for all the suppliers, according to your priorities, we will orient you for the decoration according to your style and that of the space, we will offer you ideas and materials for all the decoration, we will coordinate the day of the Wedding. You will have everything you need with this option.

Stylism and decoration for your Wedding: You have everything but you need one of the most important themes, the design of your Wedding, here we will offer all kinds of original and dazzling ideas for your wedding to have our wow effect. We are florists and wedding decorators, this is our specialty.

Coordination of your Wedding: Do you need a person in charge to be present on the day of your wedding to help you in the Timings? When to give gifts, when a music is playing,…entrance of the bride…, reception of guests,…let’s make the day go round.

Your wedding will be easy and wonderful with Service of Wedding Planner.

Why Contract our wedding planner services in Barcelona?

Contract a Wedding Planner in Barcelona will have many advantages, because it is not that we choose everything in your wedding, but we provide all our experience, a wide range of suppliers that fit perfectly in your profile, a custom design of your wedding.

And even if you think it is an elite service, it is not so, you would be surprised how much you can save with our Service of Wedding planner in Barcelona, because we get the best prices from suppliers.

We know, you have your job, your partner, family, friends and you just need to organize your entire wedding, leave it in our hands and enjoy the process, without stress. The only thing we can not do like a wedding planner is to prevent rain, I’m sorry, this we have not yet achieved.

We will hold many meetings, as you need, online or face-to-face, no matter, we will adapt to your needs.

Decoración de bodas

Wedding Design

We offer many possibilities for your wedding, we know the perfect spaces for each couple, musicians, rental companies and all the services you need for your wedding.

We do not have a particular style of Wedding, we are wedding planner and each Wedding is a world, we work with weddings from very classic to modern and crazy, through weddings in the countryside and endless possibilities. In fact, what attracts us most is to make distinguished weddings with their own character. So let’s go to start, let’s listen to you and then we get hard to offer you possibilities that are going to surprise you.