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Rent plants for events

Rent plants for your Event

We care about your event

Rental of material, flowers and plants for events

All the details are very important for the outcome of the event to have an extraordinary result. We have a wide range of material to rent and put on stage at events: candleholders, containers of many shapes and sizes perfect for the decoration of events, we also have a wide variety of candles and accessories that we offer to make the event spectacular.

The lighting of the events is also a very important part, there are many styles of lighting according to the style of the event, whether candles to give a touch of warmth to the event or LED light in more nocturnal and cold environments.

We also have rental plants, according to the design of the event we will propose some plants or others, from the most common to the most sophisticated, we even rent huge cactus for special events.

Rent plants in Barcelona

The rental plants Service will always be provided with a suitable pot, according to the style of the event, you can consult us and we will advise you free of charge and without obligation. Not only do we have tall plants for rent, we also offer plants of many varieties of small size, to put on tables, stands at fairs or other accessories that require it. Also these will go with the appropriate pot according to the style of the event.

The plant rental for events is a Service that can last days even weeks, so we will come to water them every 2 or 3 days so that they are always perfect.

We take care that all the rental material and also the rental plants are perfectly placed in the scene, we will take care of the transport, the assembly and the collection, so that you can relax.

The plant rental for events is a very demanded service, because the corporate events always need a touch of warmth to have an extraordinary result.

The company events must give an image, for this reason a decoration that is harmonious with the corporate image of the company and the type of event will be essential.

You can request information on materials and plants for rent, we are constantly renewing stock and always looking for more suppliers, to offer a personalized service.