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Wedding planner in Girona

Our wedding planner services in Girona

A Wedding Planner company in Girona  dedicated to helping you and make your wedding go better than you thought it would. It is not only about designing the decoration of your wedding in Girona, but it also helps you to choose the venue or space of the wedding, choose the catering, square the tables, … and much more.

Wedding planner in Girona is a much more complicated task than it may seem at first glance, no matter how simple you want it to be.
That is why more and more people are turning to the services offered by Wedding Planners or wedding planners. And thanks to the services offered by the Wedding Planner in Girona you will have an original and perfect wedding.

Organizar una boda

A wedding is a magical and exciting moment in the life of a couple. They celebrate their love with their families and friends and commemorate their life together. There are a thousand things to plan and a thousand details to be finalized.

¿Why choose a wedding planner?

As Wedding Planner in Girona, we will help you in all matters related to your wedding, we know many suppliers for your wedding, so according to your guidelines we will propose one or another so you can choose the most appropriate.

Wedding Planner services in Girona

But what services do Wedding Planners in Girona offer today? The truth is that the field is so wide that the options are almost endless and are adapted to individual needs. Because each couple is a world and have very different tastes and objectives for their wedding day.

How do we work as Wedding Planners in Girona?

We start by knowing a little about you, knowing the date of the wedding, the number of guests approximately, if you like a space to the sea, to the forest, in a factory are one of the first topics to start with your Wedding Planner in Girona.

Once you fit one of the spaces that we are going to offer you, we visit it together, and we help you to close the contract with the venue of the Wedding.

Wedding Planner services in Girona

This is when we start looking for the rest of the suppliers, depending on the style we are talking about, we not only propose a supplier, but knowing your preferences we are going to filter our suppliers for each theme.

Decoration, protocol, photographic reportage, accommodation, details to distribute among the guests, how to find the perfect place to celebrate the wedding… And many more things that you would surely not fall into if you organized the wedding on your own.

Wedding Planner services in Girona

The bride and groom can choose whether to hire a la carte services or entrust the integral management of the event.