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Styling custom weddings in Barcelona

We believe that detail is everything

We know that details make your wedding unique to you.

Styling custom weddings Bespoke design make your wedding unique to you

Custom Wedding Decoration: Custom Styles and Designs for Your Wedding

We decorate custom weddings in Barcelona and province, also throughout Catalonia.

The ceremony, whether civil or religious wedding, is one of the most photographed moments of the wedding event, and will also be engraved in your memory forever, so we will decorate your wedding in a spectacular way and totally personalized.

There is a great variety of styles of decoration for weddings, you will be able to see some ideas in this section. Currently vintage, industrial, rustic wedding decorations or a more American wedding decoration style are just some wedding decoration ideas.

In the decoration of civil and religious weddings, it is necessary to take into account the space, everything must be in tune so that the decoration has a spectacular result. The exterior spaces in farmhouses are very frequent in the decorations of civil weddings, although also they are carried out in the beach, in the middle of the forest, in house, or in closed spaces, we have great variety of material of rent for decoration of weddings, that together with a suitable election of flowers we will obtain the effect wow!!

Wedding Decoration Company

A wide variety of flowers can be used in wedding decoration, from the most rustic to the most elegant, without forgetting the flowers that will give a vintage wedding decoration style.  But there is another factor to take into account and are the materials and props used for the flowers, we have a wide variety of rental materials for wedding decoration.

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The lighting in the decoration of the wedding should not be forgotten, there are spaces that are very dark and give them highlights, whether with candles or other lighting, can give us a completely different result. Candles always provide a lot of warmth in the decoration of weddings, we will show you all kinds of candles and lighting. In the details is the difference and it is here where knowing the space and your preferences we will be able to create an incomparable atmosphere.

Trends come and go, as in all sectors, in wedding decorations as well. We can advise you of the latest trends, although it is not the most important factor, the important thing is that you feel comfortable and reflect your personality. We do not like to impose styles, we like to listen and advise on the decoration for your wedding.

Wedding Decoration Service

We have a complete service for the decoration of weddings. Also decorations with other elements other than flowers, such as candles, boxes, baskets, … all kinds of materials and props.

We will be delighted to advise you so that you can enjoy your wedding without worries. You will see in the different sections some ideas to make your big day unbeatable.

The bridal bouquets are totally personalized and we offer you an advice to help you to find the style of bouquet, the flowers for the bridal bouquet, the colors and an endless number of possibilities so that the bridal bouquet is unrepeatable.

The decoration for weddings acquire great importance and depend on many factors; we refer to the civil decorations, floral decorations for church, the centers of table with flowers….each space and each couple are unique, so we will be delighted to know you first and to see the space for that the advising is optimal. The decorations and flowers for weddings have to be given a lot of importance, using one or the other the result can be totally different.

Outdoor Wedding Design and Decoration

Would you like a current wedding, or more classic? Do you want an outdoor design? No matter, we have material for the latest wedding trends and there is no detail that escapes us. Props for wedding design is fundamental, as well as lights for everything to shine with a powerful light, that’s what we want to enhance your wedding.

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Design and Decoration of Weddings in Locals

At Judith Jordà we design weddings, and we don’t do it productively, but we take care of it, we spoil it and we inspire ourselves a thousand times, because there is no other couple or event like it. Do you want a wedding design? You can get married or celebrate your corporate event wherever you want, this is your big day and we work for you, to get a style you’ve never dreamed before.

Velas en centros de mesa

All the details of the wedding no matter how small, we will take care of them and pamper them with a lot of love. We will be delighted to be part of such an important day for you.

We will arrange a visit, we will meet you personally, by mail, skype … no matter the medium, what matters is that we know your preferences, we will visit the farmhouse and from here we will show you many ideas that are appropriate to your style, and if you do not have clear the style of wedding decor you want, do not worry we will help you discover it.