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Styling custom weddings

We believe that detail is everything

We know that details make your wedding unique to you.

Styling custom weddings Bespoke design make your wedding unique to you

Bespoke designs for your wedding in Barcelona and around it, all Catalonia too. At Judith Jordà, our weddings are as individual as our couples. Bespoke design is all about personal service and the details, and we´re committed to getting these perfect for you.

You are unique, you´ve got your personality, style. That´s why you need truly unforgettable wedding. A wedding that´s you. Judith´s Jordà goal is to make your event unforgettable. To make your wedding the one that has your guests talking about it for months. To make it as fun unique and special as you are.

Judith Jordà is a experienced wedding and event styling specialists, we have passion for floristry, visual design and all things creative. We have been professionally designing over 10 years creating beautiful floral and event styling.

The flowers plays a key rule in your wedding. Nothing creates more emotional impact than flowers and flowers present the most beautiful opportunity to make your wedding personal. Expect the inexpected for your wedding with Judith Jordà.

Judith Jordà work closely with you and select only the freshest flowers, we can create extravagant installments from flowers, beautiful spaces, decorated floral archs and wall of flowers backdrop. There is no limit to what we can do.

Dream big, we love helping to bring your dream into reality. We have the talent, thes best supplier flowers, original ideas , wide range vases and accessories to rent you. We look forward to working closely with you, we are on your side bacause you´re worth it!!