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Wedding Proposal Planner Service

Wedding proposal planner Barcelona

You’re about to take the big step, but you have no idea where to start!!!! Yes we know, you want an original and personalized Marriage Proposal Planner in Barcelona for your partner. This is where we are going to help you, you are going to remember it all your life, don’t doubt it!

Wedding proposal planner Barcelona


We will organize a unique and personalized wedding proposal for you. We want to know your love story, where you meet, which is your favourite song, Do you prefer a wedding proposal in the middle of the city Barcelona or do you prefer a quite place?

We know Barcelona and is the best city for your wedding Proposal, we have romantic terraces overlooking all Barcelona or perhaps a hidden beach overlooking the sea, no matter what you need, we will find it.

We organize Wedding Proposal Planners in the most original and personalized way, we look for the best suppliers so that the order is perfect for you.

Choose our wedding proposal planner service

Booking our Wedding proposal Service is not expensive, if what you want is a surprise effect.

  • Time

The time it takes to create an original idea from hand order and develop it is not an easy task, and it takes time. Looking for space, asking for permissions, suppliers, and that everything is ready at the right time is our job. We know you have a lot of work and we want to make things easy for you to enjoy the moment and the organization.

  • You will save money

As professionals, we have discounts on the spaces and suppliers involved in your wedding proposal planner. Everything is going to be better for you, we look for the best option for you.

  • Stress reduction

You have your job, family, friends and thinking about how to surprise your partner is hard work. We’re going to make it easy for you, so relax and enjoy. We want to know your story to produce a magical moment.

  • Get the surprise effect

It is difficult to hide from your partner what you are up to, calls from suppliers, mails,…with Judith Jordà, you hire a single company, everything is easier.

Proposal Wedding Planner
Organización de pedidas de mano

The best wedding proposal planners

We will help you in the whole process of the wedding proposal in Barcelona, from the choice of the space for the wedding proposal until the moment says Yes!!

We are a company that works with the heart and we love to personalize all our events in a unique way.


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