How to decorate an event like the Mobile World Congress

We are working with the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2020, and we have a lot of work to do in decorating this great event.

An event of these dimensions has to have a great decoration, the decoration of the Mobile World Congress 2020 should not dazzle too much to the potential customers, but it should draw attention to people to come to your stand.

How to decorate a stand for a fair?

A good option to accompany the stand is with plant material, plant rental, ephemeral decoration with green and touches of color. According to your brand we study the case and propose some ideas that will not leave anyone indifferent.

We have been working for years on the decoration of the Mobile World Congress Barcelona and we have a wide experience.

Flowers and plants for stands

The vegetable panels, are also an excellent option as a style for the event.

Creating areas with various types and varieties of plants provides great interest. The plants and all the plant material create a relaxed and perfect atmosphere for our stand. It is not a question of overloading the atmosphere, but rather to accompany the enclosure of our event. It is a relaxed atmosphere, people relax in it and it combines very well with any company brand.

The companies attending the Mobile World Congress Barcelona, organize dinners and lunches during the days of the event. Dinners for their customers, employees and suppliers. They have a personal brand that must be maintained and no detail can escape.

We have organized many decorations for events, the MWC Barcelona is the one that requires more details. The decoration with leds, the candles, the style of the center of the tables, everything is perfectly studied so that the assistants to the events of company feel comfortable, with a suitable atmosphere to the mark.

All the decoration of the event must maintain a harmony and coherence with your brand. Judith Jordà offers you personalized advice for your event, providing a unique result through all kinds of elements and lighting. We can establish an idea or incorporate ourselves to your idea with our decoration elements.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will create your great event, your unique event and in harmony with your brand.

Judith Jordà

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