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How to organize your wedding?


You get married and you don’t even know where to start? Here I am to help you, to give you a guide so that you do not forget anything and you can enjoy the planning of your wedding without any stress and with a result more than extraordinary.

I know you are very happy and looking forward to the big day and everything goes perfectly. Then stay calm, we’re going to make it! We will follow a schedule of tasks to plan your wedding and not forget anything.

Wedding planner
Design and Organitzation of Weddings

12 months before the Wedding

We start with the wedding date, you can look for a winter day, spring, summer or autumn, all seasons have their advantages and disadvantages. Not all weddings are in spring, because in winter the spaces are cheaper and have a lot of charm too. That depends on you, I will guide you to tell you the truths of each season.

The Budget is the next point to take into account, a wedding of 250 people is not the same as one of the most intimate and family friends; you are the ones who get married, so the important thing is to set your budget and if you can’t invite everyone you want, no matter, they will surely understand.

Wedding planner
Wedding Design

To look for a Farmhouse and a catering is the next step to follow, since they are accustomed to have the dates more looked for reserved, so we do not have to lose time, we put ourselves to the work. There are rural farmhouses, elegant, classic…a great variety of offer, that we can help you so that the search is easier for you. We know many views of the sea, the mountains; your preferences are the first thing to look for.

Wedding El Convent de Blanes
Wedding Space

If you need a Fitness Plan, it’s time to start, everything you start today will have great results to make you look great for your wedding! Start 12 months before the Wedding and go on all your life:-)

9 months before the Wedding

The wedding dress, one of the most important steps, don’t forget your dress! It’s the first thing a bride thinks about, a step that’s hard to forget. At 9 months before the wedding, you can start thinking and selecting what you want.

Choose the Wedding Dress

If you hire a wedding planner because you don’t have time, or want a professional to guide you on the way, it’s time to do it. We have the service you want, from organizing the whole wedding to just making the design and decoration of your wedding. We go where you want to go.

Start looking also at the destination for the Honeymoon, it’s time to ask for budgets for your Honeymoon.

Request and prepare documentation for civil or religious weddings.

6 months before the Wedding

Hire the travel agency for your honeymoon, or if you organize the trip yourselves, hire and reservations. The earlier you book, the easier it will be for you to travel cheaply.

To order the invitations of the Wedding, it is the moment to do it.

Wedding Florist
Wedding Decoration

It’s time to look for suppliers the photographer, music, flowers, tablecloths …

Find the wedding rings you like best and select them for purchase

Start a beauty plan that requires several sessions.

4-5 months before the Wedding

Look for a theme for your wedding, once you have found the space and catering, we will look for a theme with a common thread for your wedding. There are lots of ideas to choose from, from tropical wedding to Mediterranean wedding, going through an endless number of between. It is important the location and the Masia de la Boda to inspire you. A Farmhouse in front of the Sea could fit perfectly with a Sea Wedding, although we would have many more possibilities as well.

Wedding Design
Wedding Planner

Buy the groom’s suit and the bride’s accessories, shoes, earrings,…you know:-)

For the invitations, it is time to send the invitations, currently can be made by mail and following the theme of the wedding to use one or another invitation. Although the mail is very good and comfortable, I’m a bit romantic and that you get a physical invitation has no point of comparison.

Wedding Invitations
Wedding Invitation –

It’s time to choose suppliers that you haven’t yet hired; hairdressing, makeup, details for guests,…

To reserve the transport of the guests and to reserve room in a Hotel, if they are of outside.

Details for your Wedding

The nuptial dance, is the moment to realize it that if you are not dancers it is difficult to learn it. But with time and patience, it will surely be perfect!

2-3 months before the Wedding

To make the test of menu, and to select wines, liquors,…

Moment to realize the seatting plan, it is one of the most complicated things to know with whom to seat each guest. Don’t rush, sure you’ll make it, with patience.

Last but not least is to make a beauty agenda. Treatments for skin, hair, eyelash extension and a few more that I can recommend. Try the hairstyle and makeup.

Beauty for the Bride

1-2 weeks before the wedding

Reconfirm all suppliers and make the last payments.

Reconfirm the attendance of all guests, there is always the one who fails at the last minute:-(

2-3 days before the wedding

Just smile and relax, everything’s gonna be okay. It’s time to enjoy.

Bridal bouquet with garden roses
Organize your Wedding

We advise you on everything for your wedding, from decoration, flowers (we are florists), organization, search for suppliers (we go without commissions to give freedom to couples to choose the one that suits them best, wedding theme, to a beauty plan and fitness. You are in the perfect place for your wedding. See you soon!



Laia Ylla,

Wedding invitations for you,

Judith Jordà