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Wedding with pampas Barcelona

Wedding with pampas

Weddings trends with pampas grass , they give a different style and can be combined with many decorative elements.

Pampas grass for weddings can be used alone with green eucalyptus or olive trees for example, although if we combine them with white and pink nude colors the result is extraordinary.

Pampas can be found dried all year, but their season is in Summer; in Summer Pampas are bigger and more economical.

Pampas grass wedding

The long stems of the pampas allow us to create large volume settings for weddings. Using different heights we can create a great movement in the decoration of your wedding.

Pampas weddings are also great with large vases or even baskets. The entrance of the ceremony or even the aisle is perfect for this.
They have a wide range of possibilities, not only we use the Pampas for Weddings in the Ceremony or centerpieces, they can also be used in the Photocall, the corners or even separating spaces.

Pampas grass wedding decor in Barcelona

For the wedding ceremony or even for the centerpieces, you can choose a geometric structure with a certain height and volume and incorporate Pampas for weddings.

The geometric ideas with Pampas can be of different shapes, triangles and rectangles or even rings are used for weddings with Pampas Grass. The very defined lines accompanied by the Pampas for Weddings create a very original scenery.

As centerpieces with pampas with geometric figures, we will choose very high structures, it is very important not to block the view between the guests. The ideal is to use geometric structures with pampas from 70cm or even more, if desired.

Pampas wedding in Barcelona

Pampas are also used for bridal bouquets, they are usually a bit big and with a disorganized style, not very formal bridal bouquet.

Mixing pampas with garnet flowers or nude pink/white colors is a good idea. The combination of pampas with maroon for your wedding is amazing. Combining it with white and pink-nude colors creates a boho style.

You can also mix pampas for weddings with green without any other color, creating a more wild and natural style.

Wedding decoration with pampas


Using Pampas for wedding decoration on the ceiling is another of the many options we can offer you.

High ceilings are perfect to use colorful compositions with Pampas for weddings. Using the Pampas on the ceilings of factories, farmhouses or even outdoors gets an original and very modern result.

Always keep in mind that if we incorporate elements in the ceiling, it is better that the space has enough height, otherwise we could have an overwhelming effect.

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