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Hire and Rent Plants for fairs and congresses Barcelona

Rent plants for fairs in Barcelona

Fairs and Congresses are usually held in cold and very large spaces, it is really very useful to decorate the stand with plants and natural elements to make it look good.

There are many ways to make a trade show booth more attractive, one of them is by providing natural plants. Our plant rental service is simple and personalized. We have a wide variety of plants of all sizes that are sure to look great at the trade show.

The rental of plants for Events and Fairs usually lasts 3 or 4 days, if it is prolonged there is no problem, we take care of watering them if necessary.

Not all plants are suitable for all companies, the rental of plants has to be done consciously and considering all factors.

Rent Plants and Trees for Fairs

When renting plants and trees, we will not only consider the type of plant, but also the color of the pots and their style must be in accordance with the trade show booth.

There are fair spaces that are too big and we need to fill the stand in a harmonic way, we can fill this space renting tall plants that bring warmth to the space.

Other spaces are not so large but require a natural warmth, in this case we can opt for planters of smaller plants or even medium-sized rental plants in a pot that is in the same direction as the rest of the material.

The color and material of the pots and planters can also be in tune with the Company’s logo, sometimes a visually very plain logo can be perfect with bright looking pots.

Sometimes we have really tall exhibition stands and we can rent hanging type plants, so it will help us to create a plant movement.

Playing with renting tall plants and incorporating hanging plant rentals will fill the empty space and provide a very attractive and warm atmosphere, there is a great variety of hanging plant rentals depending on the styling we want to achieve.

Another really important point in the decoration of exhibition stands is that there are not too many empty walls, in this case we can opt for very tall plants or rent natural trees. Although another option would also be to rent a vegetal wall.

Alquiler de plantas Feriales
Alquiler de plantas para Ferias

Hire plants and Trees for Congresses

When designing a trade show booth, many elements will be considered, not only the rental plant, the tables, chairs, and other functional elements must be perfectly in tune with the company’s own brand.

Sometimes a little touch of flowers on the tables can positively increase the visitor.

If what we want is that the Exhibition or Congress space has a great visibility from afar, we can opt for the rental of plant walls or living wall which can also be used as a Photocall with the Company’s logo.

These vegetal walls or living wall can be complemented with flowers, if required. It is a way to attract all eyes and not leave the visitor indifferent.

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