Floral Arrangements for church weddings

How to decorate a church for your wedding?

Churches differ a lot in style, this is the first concept to understand, because not all styles of floral decoration will fit well in your church.

The colors that are always in tune and bring light to the Church are white and green, then we can introduce colors, like the coral that is so fashionable this year. But you have to take into account the Church and your preferences, of course.

Candles bring a lot of warmth, especially when the Church is quite dark. They can be placed in the aisle, there is no need to fear that your clothes will burn, it is a matter of concern, but if they are well protected they do not burn. You just have to be careful when passing by and not to trip over them.

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Flower arrangements for church altars

The floral decoration for the Church can be of many styles, we can put round, square, oval flower arches, center on the altar table, garlands of flowers, or perhaps just a few candles with some touches of flower. It all depends on your preferences and the style of the Church, the Baroque styles of Church, require a more charged floral decoration, because it must be in tune with the style of the Church.

In this image, we see a style very loaded with flowers, in total harmony with the table. It is a type of floral garland that ties like tapestry of the same one.

A more minimalist style could be this idea, just touches of green and candles.

Natural Flower Centers for Churches

A natural style is the trend of floral decoration for this 2019, formal styles are no longer a trend. It’s like bringing a little piece of nature into the church, the decoration accompanies your wedding, it brightens up the space.

An idea like the image below is the most current for 2019, the color of flowers and coral, is not overly loaded and candles and natural style of decoration brings much warmth to your wedding.


The best ideas for decorating a church for a wedding

I have left this point at the end because it is the most interesting, this 2019 bets on the round arch, it can be all full of flowers, make only half and let the arch of flowers glimpse, there are also options to make it only with green and accompany candles on the ground or even hanging. For the rest of the floral decoration of the Church will accompany the decoration of the altar.

I have a lot of material to make the floral decoration of your wedding totally customized, we have just incorporated a round arch that is perfect for the decoration of churches, in addition to new vases, golden props, candles of all sizes and a long etc.. Ask me and I will be happy to help you.

A hug and Happy week!

Judith Jordà

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