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Service of Design and Decoration of Weddings and Events

Our service of Design of weddings and events includes much more than to design the centers of table, we are going to create your wedding/event and without a doubt, it will be spectacular and totally personalized, because here the protagonists are you!


Design wedding

Wedding planner

Diseño de eventos

At Judith Jordà we design your ideal wedding and event

We look for the perfect table linen, cutlery, floral decoration, fabrics, photocall, an original seatting, backdrop vegetables and / or with flowers … and everything you need, we have a wide variety of decorative elements, lights, LED curtains, candelabras … and we are in contact with suppliers difficult to access, the material we will provide you is original, elegant and unique.

A wedding/event design implies many concepts, but the first thing we want to do is listen to you and visit the space; this is how the first ideas will come out, we show them to you, we change them as many times as necessary and we create a spectacular atmosphere for your wedding.

Organización de eventos

Design of Outdoor Weddings and Events

Would you like a current wedding/event, or more classic? Do you want an outdoor design? It doesn’t matter, we have material for the latest wedding/event trends and there is no detail that escapes us. Props for wedding design are fundamental, as are lights for everything to shine with a powerful light; that’s what we want to enhance your wedding.

Wedding planner

Decoración y diseño de bodas

We offer all the design and decoration services for your wedding or event, from a small but important decoration to a big decoration. Knowing your style to design your celebration is the first concept we will work, we adapt to your preferences and reflect it in the results.

Design of Weddings and Events in Locals

At Judith Jordà we design weddings and events, and we don’t do it productively, but we take care of it, pamper it and inspire ourselves a thousand times, because there is no other couple or event like it. Do you prefer a design of wedding or event in a local? You can get married or celebrate your corporate event wherever you want, this is your big day and we work for you, to get a style you’ve never dreamed before.

When we like it best is when our clients say: It’s much better than I could have imagined. Our challenge is to make our clients hallucinate.

Candles hanging centerpieces

Wedding and Event Floral Designs

How much does it cost to design your wedding/event? Well, it depends on many factors, we are specialists in the decoration and design of weddings and events, and we look for all the elements to transform a space, from lights, lamps, fabrics, flowers, arches of very current flowers, … and everything you can or can not imagine, it is not going to be a typical event, for this you do not need us, it is going to be a Wedding / Event very powerful!


Wedding planner

Diseño de evntos

Write us or call us and we will take care of you as you deserve.